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Day 14 Confession #Last90Days

Day 14 Confession: One month ago today I had a lumbar puncture go bad. I was flat on my back for almost a week (in and out of the emergency room) and I literally had my life flash before my eyes. Coming out of that completely changed me. It’s crazy to think that in the snap of the fingers life can change...and not always in a good way. I am back to my 100% self and I’m beyond grateful! Since this happened I’ve made some big changes in my life and I’m excited about everything. It also has me thinking of how short life is, which led to these thoughts: There is nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments... especially when you’ve worked your ass off! I’ve had successes in my life...yes. But...I’ve had a hell of a lot more failures. However, I choose to not stay down when something puts me there and you shouldn’t either! What is your dream? Your goals? Are you going after them like your life depends on them? I hope so because guess what...IT DOES!! Nobody can keep you from them if you never give up! We all only get one life here...I don’t plan to look back at the end of the road and have regrets. I hope you don’t either!



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