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Ginger - The Lesson Teaching Pony

When the barrel is bigger than you and your steed are it’s time to rethink things! My short story with Ginger begins with me falling for this little Shetland the first time I saw her. I had to be about 5 years old in this picture and this was us practicing at home...rocking the barrels. I loved her and I worked hard on my new “project”, but I soon learned that she didn’t love barrel racing like I did back then. I insisted on taking her to town to the rodeo. I was so proud of what we were doing that I didn’t pay attention to the signs she was giving out. We raced that day in town against the other kids and darned if that little bugger turned before the second barrel and headed for home. She almost lost me, but I rallied. I had my face in her mane as I clung on for dear life...tears and angst flowing freely. I even cussed her I believe. I had worked hard with her for our spotlight moment and she was ruining it. I made her go around the second and third barrels at a walk (her fighting me the whole way). My love for her was gone in an instant. My folks had told me not to waste my time on this pony and I hadn’t listened. It was at this point that I learned a valuable lesson about listening to others with experience (whether I follow what they say might be questioned, but I always hear what is said). It was also at this moment that I moved on to full grown horses permanently. Ginger taught me a valuable lesson that I haven’t forgotten and for that I remember her always. Dang ponies...they sure are good lesson teachers!! 🤠🐴😂



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