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The World Needs More Cowboys (as seen in Today's Horse Magazine)

The World Needs More Cowboys!

By Cheyenne Glade Wilson

July 19, 2018

By now you’ve probably seen or heard about the debate going on concerning the University of Wyoming changing their slogan to “The World Needs More Cowboys”. If you haven’t heard about it all you need to do is Google it and a plethora of things comes up. I will caution you of some of the things you may find. Surprisingly not everyone is a fan of cowboys (not even those who live in the cowboy state). After reading the debating comments of those objecting it’s no wonder. They don’t know what a cowboy is in the first place! I’m not here to debate about this. Truly I don’t worry about it since this is being printed in an equine magazine. I’m pretty sure everyone here is a cowboy, cowgirl, or at least understands the code of the west and respects it! So, my thoughts?

The world DEFINITELY needs more cowboys! Why? Well, it’s simple. I believe we need to go back to the basic principles that made this country great to begin with. So, do I believe in making America great again? ABSOLUTELY!! I believe we are going to get there a heck of a lot quicker with more cowboys in the country.

Why am I a fan of cowboys? I grew up in cowboy country (near Miles City, MT). All of the male figures in my life growing up were cowboys. Now I’m married to one and we are raising one. Heck, I’m a cowboy girl if you want to know the truth! What is that? Well, I’ll save that for another column in the future. I may be a bit biased with all the cowboys in my life, but I’ve also spent quite a few years in cities with no cowboys to be seen. I know the difference between non-cowboys and cowboys. I believe that the cowboy code is how we should all live (whether you live the life of a cowboy or not). I truly believe following the code of the west is what would turn this country back right side up like it needs to be.

To me, a cowboy stands for courage, honor, respect, heart, and so much more. There is even a code of the cowboy that lines out what our way of life stands for. I found the cowboy code on multiple sites online and I have it on a wall plague in our home. Read this and think about each one. Here it is:

1. Live each day with courage

2. Take pride in your work

3. Always finish what you start

4. Do what has to be done

5. Be tough, but fair

6. When you make a promise, keep it

7. Ride for the brand

8. Talk less and say more

9. Remember that some things aren’t for sale

10. Know where to draw the line.

After reading this it makes me wonder what the heck is wrong with people? How can someone read more into that than is right there? Oh, I know…they haven’t read it! They are putting cowboys into a male, egocentric group that is so off base they don’t even have a clue. They are overanalyzing, judging and they won’t listen to reason. They aren’t taking things at face value like us cowboy folk do. We say what we say and we mean what we mean. We aren’t complicated and we like it that way. But you know what? Who cares what they think?! I, for one, am so proud to be a part of this group that makes this country great. We have a rich history and a bright future. I believe there is strength in numbers. I know that without cowboys this world would be in an awful state. It’s time to stand up for who we are and what we believe in. And though they may not know, THE WORLD NEEDS MORE COWBOYS!!



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