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The Greatest Showman - Movie Review

We aren't big movie watchers in this house. What I mean is that you won't find us watching something just because it's won awards and such. We don't watch a movie every night, every week, or even every month for that matter. However, when something strikes our interest we watch it. That is how we came upon The Greatest Showman. I had seen previews for it somewhere and I thought it looked really good. I enjoy movies about perseverance and success. I liked that it was kid-friendly and I was intrigued by the story of P.T. Barnum. However, I wasn't thrilled that it was a musical/movie. I don't know why, but the thought of those kinds of movies make me shy away. I've liked the ones I've seen in the past, but for whatever reason I don't go running in wanting to watch that style of movie. We were going to watch this movie over Easter break, but two things stopped us. The first was the musical thing. The second was that you couldn't rent the movie you have to buy it. $20 might not seem a lot to some, but for us it didn't sound great because we weren't "dying" to see it.

An entire week went by and for some reason this movie was on my mind. I read a couple of reviews and watched the trailer again. I decided I really did want to see it. It also helped that a few Facebook friends were giving it great reviews. So, we watched it last night. The $20 wasn't a huge deal. If we were to load up and drive to town to see a movie at the theater it would cost double that at least. So, we bought the movie on Amazon Prime and sat down for an adventure.

Let me first just say that I absolutely loved it!! I was riveted to the screen! The music and singing were fantastic...and let me just say that the fact that Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron did their own singing was almost unbelievable.....and it was incredible!! The story line was super and in truth, the way they laid out the movie kept you anxious to see how the next scene would go. The story was super! The underlying meaning of the movie (acceptance and perseverance) was amazing! I seriously haven't felt this great about a movie in a long I had to blog about it!

I give it 5 stars out of 5. All three of us really enjoyed this movie. It was wonderful to not hear cuss words, see nudity or sexual scenes, and no violent scenes were all a breath of fresh air. The entertainment side of the musical piece was intoxicating honestly. I kept thinking back about the era that P.T. Barnum lived in. The 1800's were long before television, radio, and the internet. Entertainment like what he was bringing forth never existed before. He truly was a visionary! This made me like this movie that much more.

The Greatest Showman felt like a grown up Disney movie - and that's a huge compliment from me. I love Disney, but I like the adult version best. We need a little more of this in the world in my opinion. I highly recommend you watch The Greatest Showman. I suspect you'll be glad you took my advice. Enjoy! ~Cheyenne



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