Webbed Feet on Memorial Day

It’s been a few months since I have sat down and logged into my blog account. I have gotten lazy….well, truth be known I have been busier than ever. It seems to be so much easier to just post of my Facebook page rather than logging in here and writing, but I started this and I plan to see it through.

I have big goals ahead of me…..a book is in my future, but first I have to decide exactly what that is going to look like. :)

In the meantime, our life out here on the ranch has gone on……my last post was in December so let me update you since then. We had a fairly mild winter in my opinion. The spring was even quite warm for us…..almost too much so. The month of May definitely offered up a few surprises. We start calving in March. It’s a busy time of year for us and sometimes a worried one depending on the weather. The past two springs we have endured some awful storms that took lives (mostly calves). Things like that always leave a pit in your stomach, but it’s a given out here. My grandpa used to say that you had to have a calf killer of a storm in the spring to ensure less drought in the summer. Even though I don’t like hearing that….it was true when he said it and it holds true today. Our calving season was really good in terms of weather. For the first time in a long time we don’t have calves with missing ears and tails (meaning that the weather was mild and it didn’t storm/get too cold). It was quite dry around here….in fact, we had a fire in the spring….not normal for us and it was scary!

Luckily, we only lost a few hundred acres and no lives lost so all was well.

We usually calve our last few babies out by the beginning of May and we usually try to brand on Mother’s Day. This is the first year that we haven’t branded early or on schedule. Here are a few of our youngsters: