First Time Pizza & Martha

We tagged our heifers yesterday. Basically this means that we took out the I.D. buttons that were in their ears and replaced them with ear tags that mean something to us in our record book. We use numbers on our tags plus the year on them as well to identify what year these particular heifers were born. This is what our ear tags look like (this year we are using purple).

Working cows around here is a family effort. Even though Stone had oral surgery on Tuesday….he was out helping us like a trooper. Most ranch kids are this way…..Shane and I can totally relate because we were both raised like this. It taught us the value of working hard at a young age. The term “Cowboy Up” comes to mind when I think about our lifestyle. We don’t get sick days…..someone always has to be available to check on things around here and take care of our livestock. Ranch kids don’t shirk their responsibilities and they grow up understanding the importance of pulling their weight. I am truly so glad we get to raise Stone in the same fashion. I truly think it’s a gift to be a rancher. Here is Stone pushing up the heifers….he did a great job too!

Stone is fortunate enough to have a few cows to call his own. His most gentle cow is #76. She was obviously someone’s bottle calf at one point. This isn’t commonplace what I’m about to show you!

She’s a great cow….and she’s young so we hope to have many more fun-filled years at the caking pickup with her! Next up in the “gentle” category is Stone’s soon-to-be-milk cow, Meet Martha!

She is a “milk cow-in-training”. She hangs out with our heifers in the calving lot and is one step closer to learning the ropes around here. Milk cows are essential on a ranch. We use them primarily for a good milk source for any bum calves we have along the way. Stone recently found out about milking cows….he’s all fired up about milking Martha. That won’t take place until next year as Martha has to wait until this spring/summer to meet a handsome boyfriend. Stone is pretty proud of Martha….can’t you tell?!

Martha has a lot to learn in the next year….primarily… to wear a halter and how to lead. She really needs to be as gentle as a kitten by next spring….we are hoping that she is as quiet and nice as she is now come next March!

Our first step with her today is to get her accustomed to her new halter. Shane is putting it on her here.

We will keep a close watch on it as time goes on….inevitably she will grow and her halter will need to be adjusted to grow with her. She really is a nice Holstein heifer. She even got a new pick ear tag that said “Martha” on it with Stone’s brand on the back of it.

She doesn’t seem to mind her new halter at all! Stone gives her some pets to reassure her that all is okay.

Animals and children really are gifts from Go