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Shark - Our Herd Boss

Shark is our herd boss.....look at that face and the look in his eyes. He means business.....Every. Single. Day. We wouldn't know what to do without him. He is a half draft that came to us many years ago when he was just a youngster. He is never lazy, doesn't put up with nonsense, and keeps everyone in line. Come branding season you will see him in action all over the country side. He's my hubby's best boy and has truly earned his spot at the top.

Do you love working horses? I do and I talk about them often on my social media pages. I love how they put their heart into everything they do. I love how they aren't asking to be recognized or applauded for doing their best. They also take care of you (their rider). They look out for you and they won't put you in harm's way on purpose. They don't require over-the-top things....just some grass, water, and feed does them quite nicely. In most things, they aim to please. They just do.....the do. They get things done and they look good doing it! I admire that and I think we humans could learn a thing or two from these amazing animals. I love anyone or anything that has heart, character, and kindness. I find that a lot in horses. I can see it in their eyes. It's funny how that is. I never used to think about things like this, but the older I get the more romantic and deep my thoughts get. I admire simple, obvious things more than I used to and I definitely think more deeply about things. My appreciation for the simple, yet finer things in life has broadened and for that I am so grateful. I truly enjoy every single day out here in the middle of nowhere knowing that I'm surrounded by critters who live life to the fullest giving their all whenever given the opportunity!

Here's to these amazing heroes.....unsung they may be, but I'm making it my mission to share my thoughts with the world in hopes that others will share similar feelings of appreciation. We are so blessed to know and love these magnificent horses. I think it's high time we pay them the respect they deserve. Will you join me?



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