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Serenity in the Snow!

We just began calving......and of course we just had a snow storm...with another one coming tonight/tomorrow. It never fails every year. Someone recently said that Mother Nature likes to test our resolve as ranchers by doing things like this. I definitely agree with that statement. It appears we faired okay. I believe that is mainly because we aren't full blown calving yet. We all know we can't control the weather, but we most certainly can control our mindset and the way we think about things. I choose to be grateful for this white moisture. I will happily say that this was a heavy, wet snow. This means that our dams and pits will be full and for cattle and ranchers....that's a good thing. This summer when things are scorched and hot we will be thankful looking back and remembering how that water got to be there. I am hopeful that we will catch more rainfall these spring months to continue to fill things up as water is a priceless commodity in a pasture with no wells. There is a reason for us not having wells in sense going into that today. Once we turn out to our summer pasture we do have other options there, but we will be glad for this run off no matter where we are!

We encountered a lot of fog this morning. It gave the buttes an eery, mystical look. Those cows out and about gathered around a Vitalix lick tub brought a smile to my face. It was so fresh out there! One of my viewers on my Facebook fan page said it looked cold, but in honesty it wasn't that bad. The temperatures did dip down into the low teens last night, but by the time we got up on top and took this picture the heat was on. I saw several sights that warmed my heart, here is another one:

That beautiful little baby with his mama.....both up and both healthy. Hooray! The cold temps at night paired with wet snow can lead to disaster when calving so it's always a happy sight to see things like this in the aftermath.

Something else that makes me smile is knowing that green grass is on its way. Before long it will be peaking through and the snow will disappear. After that we will be looking at branding. I absolutely love this time of's all about new life. To me that brings happiness!

I hope you are enjoying this St. Patrick's Day weekend doing things you enjoy with a smile on your face. In my opinion, that's the best accessories anyone can ever wear....and it's contagious! :)

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