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You Might Be A Redneck If.......and Cherry Cordial Cheesecake Brownies

You might be a redneck walk into the kitchen to find your husband spraying brake cleaner in your refrigerator....yes, I said spraying BRAKE CLEANER in your REFRIGERATOR!! Let me take a step back to what led up to this backwoodsy (yes, that's a word where I come from) decision. :)

Today the wind decided to howl like no was really scary when a micro burst (small tornado of sorts) went over our house. The house was literally moving.....we were about to head to our tornado shelter....the sky was churning.....not a good thing at all. There have been a few tornadoes around here in recent years so we put in a shelter this last summer. We haven't had to use it yet.....but I'm glad it's there just in case. Here is what went past our house:

It passed rather quickly.....thank goodness! The wind today is the worst it's been. Days like this is when I try to get things done around the house that normally don't happen very often. Which led to the brake cleaner incident.......

I decided to dismantle and clean my refrigerator. Little did I know it, but a jar of maraschino cherries had tipped over some time ago and had dripped all of the juice in the jar down to the bottom of the fridge....YIKES!! I'm glad to say that I didn't take "before" pictures because I would be showing you a "very dark" side of my life....haha! I honestly didn't think of it until it was too late. Getting that red, sticky, gloppy mess up was not easy....I had to chisel at it with a butter knife. I tried hot water, cleaners, etc., but nothing was helping. That's when I left the room to do something else for a minute, but not before Shane said, "I've got an idea." Uh-oh......cue some eery horror movie music. :)

I came back into the kitchen after a few minutes to smell something horrific and see Shane bent over spraying something into the fridge.

*I should totally be thankful to find him actually doing something in the kitchen besides eating...right?! * :)

I asked him what the heck he was doing........and he says, "I figured that this stuff works on just about anything so it should work on this too", as he proudly shows me his can of brake cleaner. I was mortified....thinking that he may be poisoning us with the fumes from that stuff. I ran over and opened a window! Luckily the fridge was empty of food that could absorb the fumes (fruits, veggies, etc.). Anyway, he let it sit for only a minute or so and by started to come up! He had to scrub at it for a bit....and use a helpful butter knife, but it actually worked!

How crazy and somewhat embarrassing! Yep....time for me to go get my corn cob pipe and go sit in my rocking chair on the deck....oh wait, I'd probably blow away out there life is so glamorous! :)

Yesterday, I made the most amazing brownies! I was experimenting and came up with something really yummy. I made the cheesecake brownie recipe (boughten will work just fine also) that I usually make , but I added 12 Cherry Cordial Hershey's Kisses to the batch before I baked them.

Oh man....yummy! I then baked them as called for and look what happened:

They disappeared!! Actually, they melted down into the brownie batter creating yummy little pockets of chocolate cherry heaven! I'm thinking these will be great for Valentine's Day. I plan to add a little red food coloring and see how they come out then. Give these a try....they are super rich and oh so yummy! Enjoy! ~Cheyenne



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