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Week 6 of 10 Giveaways: Here is a little background on what I am up to.......I have decided to do something special in preparation for Christmas. I know.....don't freak out, but Christmas is only 69 days away (yes, that's right)! I am always looking for just the right gift. I absolutely love giving custom, one-of-a-kind, USA hand-crafted items. Once I find something awesome, I love to share my new discovery with my friends. So, what better place to do that then right here!

I give you.......The Native Cowgirl's 10 Best Custom USA-Made Christmas Presents List!!! I would personally love to receive any of these under the tree. I bet you would also....or you know somebody who would too!

Here goes with my list:

1. September 2nd - 11th - Sharp’s Saddlery Custom Canteens & Giveaway - Winner: Roxanne Young from Georgia!

2. September 12th - 18th - Rough & Rowdy Designs Custom Bling Cap Giveaway - Winner: Lee Murray from Arizona!

3. September 19th - 25th - Beck Custom Boots & Giveaway - Winner: Lana Murnion from Montana!

4. September 26 - October 2nd - Kim Klass Bucking Horse/Believe Pendant & Chain - Winner: Sunnie Iacovetta from Colorado!

5. October 3rd - October 9th - Tom Balding Bit Giveaway - Winner: Heather Kepley, from Iowa!

6. October 10th - October 23rd - Red Horse Design Company

Turquoise/Brown Leather Fringe Handbag Giveaway!

7. Announced on my October 17th Blog & Giveaway!

8. Announced on my October 24th Blog & Giveaway!

9. Announced on my October 31st Blog & Giveaway!

10. Announced on my November 7th Blog & Giveaway!

If you are like me you love high quality, handmade handbags. I have fallen in love with Kelly Gully's new venture with the Red Horse Design Company. I have known Kelly for quite a few years. I used to offer her handbags when I still owned Cowgirl Swank. I loved them! They were well-made (right here in South Dakota), fun, versatile, and unique! Kelly has brought forth all of those qualities and more to her new company and her offerings. Check out some of these fun designs:

There is more than handbags only too!

Gorgeous, huh?! This is only a sampling of what the Red Horse Design Company has to offer though. You can check out Red Horse Design Company's Facebook page by clicking here. Also, check out their website at: You can reach Kelly at: 605-645-7768.

I don't know about you, but one of these fun handbags is definitely going on my list for Santa. Kelly was so kind to offer one her of awesome handbags in our weekly giveaway! For whatever reason, my blog disappeared from last Monday (so strange) I decided to prolong it another week. Don't miss your chance to possibly be the lucky random winner chosen to receive this beautiful bag!



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