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Week 3 of Giveaways: Here is a little background on what I am up to.......I have decided to do something special in preparation for Christmas. I know.....don't freak out, but Christmas is only 97 days away (yes, that's right)! I am always looking for just the right gift. I absolutely love giving custom, one-of-a-kind, USA hand-crafted items. Once I find something awesome, I love to share my new discovery with my friends. So, what better place to do that then right here!

I give you.......The Native Cowgirl's 10 Best Custom USA-Made Christmas Presents List!!! I would personally love to receive any of these under the tree. I bet you would also....or you know somebody who would too!

Here goes with my list:

1. September 2nd - 11th - Sharp’s Saddlery Custom Canteens & Giveaway - Winner: Roxanne Young from Georgia!

2. September 12th - 18th - Rough & Rowdy Designs Custom Bling Cap Giveaway - Winner: Lee Murray from Arizona!

3. September 19th - 25th - Beck Custom Boots & Giveaway!

4. Announced on my September 26th Blog & Giveaway!

5. Announced on my October 3rd Blog & Giveaway!

6. Announced on my October 10th Blog & Giveaway!

7. Announced on my October 17th Blog & Giveaway!

8. Announced on my October 24th Blog & Giveaway!

9. Announced on my October 31st Blog & Giveaway!

10. Announced on my November 7th Blog & Giveaway!

I found out about Beck Cowboy Boots from a fellow cowgirl friend of mine back in 2013. I compete in women's ranch rodeos plus I spend a lot of time in my boots out here on the ranch. I was getting tired of spending money on boots that didn't hold up. My boots would last a heck of a lot longer than my husband's for sure, but it was still an issue. What I have found is that most boots bought off-the-shelf are not made to hold up to the daily wear and tear of an active cowgirl or cowboy lifestyle. We put our boots through hell quite frankly. There is dust, dirt, mud, cow crap, horse crap, water, etc. You name it.....our boots see it. It was nothing to spend several hundred dollars on several pairs of boots for each of us. Holy cow, that adds up! Shane actually went through 6 pairs of off the shelf boots in a year.....add that up once! He is a big guy and pretty much lives in his boots. He is 6'2" and weight 275. That's a lot of wear and tear on boots when you add the elements. However, when you are paying that much for boots they should hold up more than a month or two in my opinion. This is what prompted me to ask my fellow cowgirl friends what boots they use and what lasts. I heard the name Beck more than once. I decided to look into them. I liked what I saw. So, I put my wish out there for a pair for Christmas, ordered my sizing kit, and placed my order. Keep in mind, these boots are handmade to order so it took a little bit to get them. It was worth the wait.....they are truly the best investment I ever made in my cowgirl attire. I have had them for almost 3 years and I wear them almost daily. I have yet to take them to our local boot guy for a tune-up. They don't show much wear and all I do is oil them twice per year. I love my Beck's! My boots even have our brand on them, which made them extra special to me. Santa did really good! :)

Also, Shane has two pair of Beck's. He wears them every single day and puts them through it all. Remember, I said he went through 6 pair of off-the-shelf boots in one year? He has had his for two years now and his Beck's are the same as mine. Shane is very picky about his boots. The only ones he will wear now are Beck's. That should tell you a lot right there. Santa is bringing him a pair with our brand on them this year (he doesn't know that yet, so......shhhhhh!) :)

Beck Boots - Boots Hand-Made for the Working Cowboy - that says it all right there! They are based in Amarillo, Texas and have been making boots since 1916! You can find them on their website at or on their Facebook page at Beck Boots. Here is a great read on their Facebook page:

A Brief History of the Western Cowboy Boot

Historically, horsemen have relied on protective footwear with a higher heel for safe, efficient horseback riding. No one can agree on the inventor of the first cowboy boot and where that boot was made. Some historians argue in favor of the Huns while other historians are positive the first cowboy boots came from Kansas.

If you are in the market for quality handmade working cowboy boots or custom handmade cowboy boots, Beck Boots is the right choice. With true artisans making your next pair of cowboy boots you are guaranteed to get the best. Our customer satisfaction is extremely important to us so we ensure every customer is happy and that their fit is perfect. Call Beck Boots today 806-373-1600. If you are in the area, visit our showroom located at 723 S. Georgia Street in Amarillo Texas. Shop online our full line of instock cowboy boots and our working cowboy boots special at, plan your custom cowboy boots purchase and shop our great line of cowboy boot accessories.

Here are a couple of pictures of some of their incredible creations:

You can tell by what they write that they take so much pride in what they do. Beck's truly are artists when it comes to boots. They are comfortable, nice-looking, yet built to last. You don't find that in off-the-shelf boots. Christmas will be here before we know it. If you are thinking of ordering a pair for yourself or a loved one, I would do it now.....don't delay! I know you will love your Beck's as much as Shane and I do. We will be getting Stone his first pair once his feet stop growing like a bad weed. :)

Oh yes, the giveaway! Jeremy at Beck's is who we have always worked with. He was extremely generous to offer up a Beck Cowboy Boots Gift Certificate to one lucky random winner! It is good for one pair of custom handmade cowboy boots - value - $399 and comes with a sizing kit. How awesome is that?!

Entries close at 9 pm MST on Sunday, September 25th. Share with all of your friends and Good Luck! Our lucky random winner will be announced on Monday, September 26th.



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