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Happy Birthday, America! Home of the Free...because of the Brave!

Perhaps it's because I am getting older (gasp, I know.....), but I find myself taking time to look into things and to truly appreciate the sacrifices of others before us. I guess you may call me nostalgic. I guess I am, but something else I am is extremely patriotic! I'm mighty proud to be an American!

Have you ever taken time to think about how lucky we are to live in this great land? There are so many things to be thankful for and there are blessings all around us. I give thanks daily for the many freedoms I am blessed with and that I got to choose my path in life. It hasn't always been an easy life, but I believe that is what makes it something to cherish.

Our forefathers met with many challenges and sacrifices to make this great country what it is. I love reading true stories of things that happened long ago. Their grit and determination is what shaped this land....and I believe it is our duty to see that it is never forgotten. I've been mulling the idea of my first book around for quite some time. I have finally settled on the topic. I'm going to focus on meeting with old-timers and telling their most fascinating tales. I already have a few written down, but I will need quite a few more to fill a book. If you know of anyone wanting to share please contact me at I would love to visit with them.

I'm excited about this new venture and I'm excited for America's 240th birthday tomorrow. What are your plans? Normally we go to a rodeo and enjoy the fireworks later on. This year we are sticking close to home due to the fire danger. My birthday is a few days after the 4th so we will get some celebrating in then. I hope you all have a happy and safe Independence Day! Remember what we are celebrating.......and watch this:

I will always get choked up and have tears in my eyes when I hear this great song......that's just my patriotic side showing through! ~Cheyenne



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