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Waiting on a plane......

My flight has been delayed so here I sit.....waiting on a plane......

I don't mind that much as I can truly work from anywhere. I figure if there are mechanical issues I would rather they be fixed before we leave the ground. :) I'm headed to Dallas. I have business down there and I'm attending the wedding of a team mate and good friend. I get to do a bit of exploring while I am there. I have never been to Ft. Worth or the Stockyards before. I have heard a lot about it and I can't wait to see what I can find there.

I'm leaving my guys behind for the weekend. I seem to be doing this several times per month lately. It's all for our future though so I have their support. I try to go when it's a convenient time on the ranch, but as most ranchers know not all times are convenient. We will be having a lot of baby calves hitting the ground soon so time away will be limited. The weather has been unbelievably mild lately. I hope it continues on through calving season, but I know all too well that most likely that won't happen. When a storm moves in it is all hands on deck. So......I try to stay closer to home then so I can be of some help when needed. For the first time in many years we don't have first-calf heifers this year. It's a strange feeling to have Shane home all night, every night. He used to stay over at the bunkhouse during calving so that he had easy access to the calving lot. Don't get me wrong.....I'm happy to have him at home. :)

So, what's fun to do in Dallas/Ft. Worth? I have 2 full days at my disposal.....well, maybe I do.....I guess that depends on if this plane decides it wants to fly today. As long as we get back on the ground safely I don't care what time we get there.

I do want to say something before I log off for the day......Thank You to all my loyal fans! You have been here for the long haul and I appreciate that. Welcome to my new fans! I will be committed to blogging at least once per week......sometimes more depending on what is going on. Be sure to get signed up to receive my blog via your email inbox. I will be having a random giveaway drawing for all of you who sign up before Monday morning! Have a great weekend.....I can't wait to report my finding in Texas. :) ~Cheyenne



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