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Working Hard & Loving It!!!

Wow……I’m turning into a stranger, aren’t I?! When I started blogging in January I knew there would be times that I wouldn’t be able to blog every other day like I originally planned too, but this is getting crazy! Calving season hit and now it’s turning into branding season. You may not hear from me until October at this rate! :)

I’m not complaining about being busy……I’m actually relishing in it. I’ve had more time at home with my family this spring than I’ve had in ages. I’m loving every minute of it (well, maybe not every minute, but the good far outweighs those times that are trying). Calving has been going well and our calves and cows look good. We are keeping a close eye on them to guard against scours or overeating, which we have heard has been prevalent around us this spring. Nothing pains me more than to calve out and then loose some calves to illness. I think it’s preventable if you keep a close watch so that’s what my main focus is right now.

We just finished Easter break. It was a great time! I hope you all enjoyed time with family and friends as well. Shane’s folks and two of our nephews came down from Montana. We had 4 days filled with visiting and fit in a few tasks a well. My father-in-law graciously made the 6 sawhorses I need for the upcoming Walt Woodard clinic that Shane and I are putting on in May in Chadron. Bless his heart! Shane doesn’t have a lot of time for honey-do projects right now so I’m thankful however they can get done. We also put up Stone’s new trampoline over the weekend. He loves it and jumped until his stomach hurt. :)

Easter Sunday dinner was wonderful. My folks came over as well. It was a wonderful meal full of family….doesn’t get much better than that! I even managed to pull out the china that my late Grandma June left me. It was fitting to use it for our Sunday dinner along with the silver she left me as well. Today marks two years since she went to heaven. I miss her so……it felt like she was with me during dinner and today…..we had a gorgeous sunrise and then a rain shower. Gram was smiling from heaven…..I just know it!

Shane and I also become an Uncle and an Aunt again today….on Earth day! Shane’s sister had a little boy. He is welcomed by his three bigger brothers and his dad. I can’t wait to meet him! Stone is excited to see his new little cousin as well. He is enamored by babies…..and he knows we won’t be having one here so he is happy that he has a new cousin. :)

We are getting ready to brand in a couple of weeks and we’ve been cleaning up around here as well. Fencing has taken on a new meaning. We had a lot of crossings go out with the three major runoff events this spring so we have much work to do…..never a dull moment around here. I haven’t had much time in the kitchen for new things, but rest assured……I’ll be back at it soon. I hope all of you are enjoying the spring weather that finally decided to show up. I know I am!! ~Cheyenne



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