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April Fool’s

Are you a lover of April Fool’s pranks? I am if I’m the one doing the prank! :)

We aren’t big pranksters around here. I think we have too much going on a lot of the time and don’t get around to that. Don’t get me wrong….we have plenty of laughs, but they are mostly due to things that happen around here by chance (not on purpose).

I was sitting here thinking this morning about an April Fool’s Day prank my grandma played on the hired men years and years ago. I was too young to remember it, but I enjoy the story my mom tells. My grandma was the camp cook back in those days (how blessed those people were as my grandma was the best cook around). Breakfast was a hearty meal always. I’m not sure how my grandma got the idea to do this, but I sure wish I could have been there. My grandma set about making pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. She served it and the hired men and my grandpa sat down to eat. The one hired man was a bit on the shy side. He picked out the top two pancakes and doctored them up with butter and syrup. He started to cut his pancakes, but quickly had difficulty. No matter what he did he couldn’t get them cut. He was far too shy to say anything, but my grandma looked on with a big smile on her face. Soon all the guys at the table stopped eating and were watching him try to cut his pancakes. Eventually, the hired man stopped trying to cut them and looked up. About this time my grandma said, “April Fool’s”! It took a second for it to register with him, but he finally grinned. My grandma revealed how she had fooled him. She had taken bits of an old rag and put it in the pancake batter. She then made a couple of pancakes with rags in it (careful not to ruin the whole batch). He just happened to be the lucky one who got the “raggy” pancakes! My mom says that everyone at the table laughed until they almost cried!

This story makes me smile…..smiles and laughing are so important in life! I’m so glad we know this kind of happiness. Did you play an April Fool’s joke on someone today? Perhaps you had one played on you? However you spend the 1st of April, make it a good day full of smiles and laughs if you can. I will do the same! ~Cheyenne



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