My new column & Night Calver’s Special!

What is the “Night Calver’s Special?” Well…’s what my husband calls a breakfast concoction I make. He thinks he came up with it before we met (maybe he did, but I can’t give him the satisfaction about that). :)

It’s really a fairly simply breakfast…..and I’m sure it has many names, but I like the sound of what we call it…..and it definitely rings true this time of year…..calving season. We had a storm blow in last night….I’m glad to say that it wasn’t as bad as predicted….thank goodness! None of us need a devastating storm like last fall….that’s for sure. Here is how it looked out of our north window…..not a nice sight!

Shane has been battling a sore neck (it’s out and he needs to get to a chiropractor, but it hasn’t happened yet). I’m taking pity on him because in this business you don’t call in sick. You keep going….no matter what. He was out checking heifers and our mama cows in the calving pasture. I knew he would be cold and wet when he got back in so I decided to whip up some “Night Calver’s Special.” Here’s how you make it:

Night Calver’s Special

  • 1 lb. of Breakfast Sausage (I use Jimmy Dean’s Regular Sausage)

  • 2 large Potatoes, peeled and cubed

  • ½ an Onion, diced

  • 1 Green Pepper, diced

  • Salt & Pepper

  • Lawry’s Seasoning Salt

  • Minced Garlic, 1 clove minced

  • 6 Eggs

  • 2 cups of shredded Cheese, your choice

Brown the sausage with potatoes, onion and green pepper. Make sure to break the sausage up as it browns (tiny pieces are best in my opinion). Add some salt, pepper, and seasoning salt as desired. Add the garlic (I was out of garlic this morning so I added a couple shakes of bottled minced garlic….didn’t notice a difference).

When the sausage is completely browned add the eggs.

Mix up the mixture and cook until the eggs are cooked though.

Add the cheese and mix it all together. I needed to use up some Swiss cheese today so it got put into the mix too! :)

Once the cheese is melted, top with whatever garnishes you want and enjoy!

This is another one of those great recipes that makes more than one meal. Since only the two of us eat this kind of breakfast (Stone eats cereal) I package up the leftovers in foil pouches.