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Something To Celebrate....New Bedding!

I’m easily excited about certain things. To list a few: towels that smell good after a shower (you know what I mean if you’ve ever put your fresh, clean face into a mildewy smelling towel), finding things where I left them (this is a great mystery to me), dish rags that carry no order (I will cover this later), and today’s biggest thrill……NEW bedding!!!

My dad gave me a Herberger’s gift certificate for Christmas (thanks for the new bedding, Dad). Normally, he give me ones from J.C. Penney’s, but my mom and I had discussed prior to Christmas how shoddy their merchandise has become. I used to buy all of my bedding, towels, St. John’s Bay tops, bras, gifts, etc. from them. I loved it because I could find pretty much anything there and it was great quality. The past year and a half things changed drastically.

Mom had picked up a comforter at Herberger’s earlier this fall. She has remarked several times how much they love it. I was intrigued because I love down comforters. In fact, we use one year round. I’m a lover of covers (hehe, couldn’t resist the rhyme). Anyway, I told mom that I’d like to get one. Hence, I can thank her for actually going in and buying me the gift card from my dad (I’m sure he waited in the pickup). I can’t picture my dad in Herberger’s…..anyway…. 🙂

It didn’t take me long to locate the Living Quarters comforter online. I stumbled upon a huge sale too….bonus!!! So, I had quite a bit left on my gift card. I couldn’t simply have a balance….I HAD to spend it. I am very fond of nice, pretty sheets. So, I decided to see what Herberger’s had to offer. Mom and I also have discussed how hard it is to find “pretty” sheets these days. Not the solid color….boring, dull ones (like J.C. Penney’s has recently). How pleasantly surprised I was to find a really good selection of “pretty” sheets…..and on sale again! Yippee!!! I found two different styles to get, but the funny thing is the base color of both is purple. I like purple, don’t get me wrong, but my bedroom is far from “working” with that color. So, it’s also prompted me to repaint and organize my bedroom. I’m even going as far as completely redoing all of my bedroom furniture (this will be in a later post). You might say that I get inspired to do major overhauls like this in the strangest of ways. Anyway, doesn’t bother me. I like doing things like this.

So, back to my Living Quarters sheets…..I eagerly got them from UPS two days ago. I hurried home and carefully washed both sets. It killed me, but we slept with our old sheets and comforter for a day until I could get everything ready to use. As I got the sheets out of the dryer I noticed how unbelievably light and slippery they felt. Not like satin, but there is a definite “slip” to them. They actually have a somewhat sheen to them. They are truly as light as a feather. I’m giddy with excitement about this….can’t you tell?!

This morning, I stripped the bed (it’s not even Sunday…..I normally change bedding on this day….beginning of the week so may as well start it off right). :). Then, I joyously put on the prettiest set of sheets.

Oh my……I had a smile on my face the entire time (no, I’m not kidding). I’m weird like that! I even took pictures….yep, weird like that too. 🙂 Then I unzipped the bag with the new down comforter in it (I always wonder how they get them in there so nicely…..if I had to repackage them it would be lumpy and bumpy….anyway…..and fluffed it up in the air as I put it on our bed. It looked heavenly….so, I laid down on the bed and posted the pics of my sheets. I got up and Tipster (our cat) decided to try out the new bedding also. He clearly loved it (I could tell by the cat smile on his face…..haha, that and the fact that he rolled around on it and laid there with his feet in the air).

As I type this, Stone is in our new bedding also….watching a Garfield video. So, clearly, our new bedding is a hit. I can’t wait for Shane to come home so I can excitedly show it to him. I’m quite sure that he will give me “that look” and say, “Oooooo, goodie”!! He loves to give me a bad time (and I like to return the favor). 🙂

Tomorrow we are starting (finishing) another project…..completing the horse shelter near our house. We are 3/4 of the way finished, but we need to get the tin to finish the roof….then finish the wings off of each side. We are off to Rapid City this afternoon to get the tin. I will blog about this project once we are finished. No time like the present though since the temperatures are going to be warmer. I’m kind of a fair-weather cowgirl like that…..I love to be outside….as long as the temperature is at least my age (40) and above! 😉

Have a great day, everyone! I plan to do the same! ~Cheyenne



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