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Oh Culligan Man! Forget him, give me Copper!

Yep, it took me till around 2:30 am to fall back asleep after our water/shock experience early this morning! I woke up later than normal this morning (I wonder why)…..anyway, after my hubby (I’m gonna have to think of a nickname for him on here and soon!) and I looked over the Culligan machine we decided that it was indeed…..DEAD!!!! Man….this is the third one we’ve bought in 7 years. I waited till 8 o’clock before I called Culligan to go over our options. After thinking about it, I already knew that I was going back to renting. Why buy something if when it dies I’m out of luck when I can rent it…..and just a new one when this one dies? The cost is about the same….probably even less to rent so that’s what we are doing. There is no option of not having one that’s for sure!

So, I’m at the Swank Shop (that’s slang for the Cowgirl Swank Shop – where we do magic with crystals….Okay, maybe not magic, but over these past 7 years of my business…..I’ve seen incredible, if not magical things happen with our crystals. I will go more in depth on that at a later date)…..loaded up with a new water machine and 5 bottles of Culligan…..I’m ready for anything now (well, almost).

I have to finish up here….then trudge over to Walmart for groceries….is there anything worse than getting groceries after a days work? I think not…..except on this particular late afternoon I’m giddy. Why? One word……COPPER!!!! Let me explain……a week or so ago I was discussing television shows with our good friends/neighbors. Justified was brought up. I had heard about it and at one time had even considered watching it, but until now I never had. Shane and I visited about it and decided we would check it out. I love having Amazon Prime and Netflix! Where we live it’s the most practical form of entertainment we have besides Dish Network and the internet. Anyway, we sat down to search for Justified on Netflix first. And….we couldn’t find it. However, when you search for something on there it gives suggestions based on the type of show/movie you are searching. In the middle of the screen was a show called “Copper”. It intrigued me because I love period pieces (shows set back in the “old days”). At first, I thought….Copper Mine! Then, we read about it… is a series based on a rugged “Cop” or “Copper” as they were referred to back then set in 1865 in the Five Points (roughest part of town) district of New York City. We thought it sounded good and decided to watch the first episode.

Oh man……after the first few minutes we were both hooked!! The lead character, Kevin Corcoran (“Corky”) and his constituents were all rugged and interesting. I fell under the Copper spell immediately! Within 3 days we had watched the entire first season! I googled Copper and excitedly discovered that the second season was to be released soon (as in January 7th soon) TODAY!!!! Yippee….I read a bit further and then discovered that this will be the last season. DRAT!!! Why do they always cancel the good shows yet continue on with some of the most worthless crud on TV? I often ponder this, but oh well…..I will be content with the fact that I get to start watching the second season tonight! Also, a movie is being mulled over for Copper…..I sure hope it comes to light. If you haven’t watched this awesome series I suggest you check it out right away!

I will also tell you that upon watching the first series, we also ran across another BBC America series, “Ripper Street”. Holy cow….once again….I’m hooked! Yes, it’s being cancelled after it’s second season also….bummer! Eventually, we did find Justified on Amazon….my honest opinion…’s not my favorite! I don’t know why…maybe it’s the fact that I adored Timothy Olyphant in Deadwood (therefore he should stick to period shows) or the fact that it’s too recent (in “now” times) and I just can’t get into it….I don’t know. Shane (my hubby) loves it…’s weird that way. Guess he can watch that and I’ll watch my vampire shows that I love….I’ll save that conversation for another day!! Ha!

I was just informed that the roads are getting really slick so it’s time to head home. So, Stone and I are off to the north county (the ranch). 30 miles of gravel road every day are not a treat (though I’m not knew to this kind of driving….I grew up in a similar rural location in Montana). Sometimes I’m thankful for our desolate roads and lack of traffic….sure helps when roads are slick and the only vehicle I need to worry about is my own….and not the crazy….must go 80 driver behind me! With that, we and the water/Culligan machine are out of here. Walmart can wait till tomorrow!



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