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The Shock!

I was awakened from a deep slumber at 12:51 am this morning by my husband. I know this because the first thing I did was look at the clock. I could hear him saying, “Cheyenne…..Cheyenne….” So, I opened my eyes and sure enough…..I wasn’t dreaming. He says, “You need to come look at this.” So, without hesitation, I get out of bed and follow him to the kitchen.

All sorts of thoughts are going through my head. The first one was….surely there isn’t another snake in there (I’ll have to go over that one of these days just to give you a real glimpse into the crazy things that happen here)! We get to the doorway of the kitchen, which happens to be connected to “the great room” of our house. “The great room”?? What exactly is that? Who knows…’s just part of our oddly shaped living room! Anyway, my hubby steps out of the way and motions to me to “come here”. So, I do…….I step forward…..and my feet literally “squish” into the carpet. UGH!!!! Wet, soaked carpet was not what I was expecting. He looks at me and says, “What is that”?!

I don’t know about you, but at 1 am (and out of a deep sleep) I’m not exactly “on top of it”. I look at him and say, “How should I know what it is”! The bewilderment of the situation is upon me….I have all sorts of thoughts going through my head…..truthfully, I’m wondering if a snake is going to “float” on by at this very moment. Yikes…the things a person thinks of when they are in a state such as this. Finally, the realization of the situation takes over. It dawns on me that the entire bottle of Culligan water I put on our water unit has completely drained out.

Here is where I will tell you about our “lovely” water out here. I have never encountered something so vile in my entire life. If I stumbled upon a genie in a bottle and was granted several wishes….my first would be for decent water out here! I can’t even describe to you how disgusting it is. At times, it smells like rotten eggs and it’s so hard that the water testing company made me send in another sample as they were sure our water couldn’t possibly be that hard. Since we put our house in, we have gone through 4 water heaters, a water softener (no need for one as it won’t work on water this hard so once it died we never replaced it), 2 washing machines, 4 toilets, and a dishwasher (which I can’t have again since it almost burned the house down – I will cover this later, I’m sure). Our water is nothing short of “undrinkable for humans”….so, we have a Culligan machine.

Back to my story……I looked at my hubby and said, “I can’t believe that entire thing drained out in just a few short hours.” He says (and I’m laughing as I type this), “Well, of course it did… had a hole in it”. I look at him and think “whaaaaa”???? Remember, it’s 1 am and if you know anything about Culligan bottles… puncture a hole in the top when you place it on the unit so the water can come out…..but I decide not to argue his point….after all, I now get to clean this up before I can go back to bed.

So, out come the extra towels…..and paper towels. I get to contemplate the situation on my hands and knees as I clean away. I realize that the now empty Culligan machine is empty so I unplug it. I notice that another plug is not in all the way so I push it in a bit. “SNAP”!!! Yikes!! I almost got shocked!! I swear…..I can’t make this stuff up….now my heart is beating a million beats per minutes. I look at Shane and he says, “What”?! Geez, didn’t he see that bolt of lightning come out of the outlet to try to zap me? I guess not….so I continue cleaning. My hubby kind of helps (you know what I mean), but after awhile he says, “You don’t have to do this…..that’s good enough”. Oh yes, that’s right……my cleaning fairies will take care of the rest if I go back to bed now….smirk! He says, “Well, at least it’s not what I thought”. He thought that a pipe broke and had flooded the house. Yep, I can’t make this up…..and I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if that had actually happened, but thankfully it didn’t. I tell him to go back to bed and I’ll be done in a minute.

I finished cleaning up, but I’m not back in bed yet. I went there…..I laid back down and stared at the ceiling….then I thought about how crazy, yet funny life is. I remembered how excited I am to now have a blog…instead of making a quip on Facebook about my long night (last night our smoke alarms went off five times over 2 hours) I would come into my office and blog about it. So, here I am… 1:39 am….blogging about the excitement in my life. And, you know what, I have a smile on my face and I hope you do too as you read this! Guess that’s what life is all about…..the craziness (finding a snake in your kitchen on a random July day), the “shocks” and the humor that you can find in small occurrences throughout each day. At this rate, I can say that life certainly isn’t boring….even out here in the middle of nowhere! Now I get to look forward to “getting to the bottom of things” tomorrow…..why in the heck did the Culligan machine drain all the way out in the first place…..costing me over $6 (water isn’t cheap) dousing my carpet…..and making my heart rate go up!?! Now I’m thirsty and need a drink of water!! Good Night, All!



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