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Don't Forget...

“Don’t forget where you came from, but never lose sight of where you are going.”

~ Unknown

It’s Throwback Thursday. This is me when I was probably 5 years old (maybe younger). I was riding like a wild little thing ever since I was 3. I had absolutely no fear. How I miss those days!

Seeing pictures like this from long ago remind me of where I come from. It also helps me to cling to the parts of myself that help me work harder on my goals. Tenacity, grit, and that good old cowgirl try have helped me along the way.

Vision is super necessary when it comes to achieving goals, but one must also never discount the importance of small consecutive steps in the right direction.

Memories are good reminders too. They are with us forever and help to build us into who we are today. What we do with it from here is up to us. We can do it!

What is something from your past that inspires you to this day?




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