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An Updated Introduction...

It’s been awhile since I did an intro so here goes...

I’m Cheyenne...lover of all things positive, rancher, business owner, wife, & home-school mom to our son.

We own & operate the Lazy Six Nine Ranch.

We homestead on a combined 15,000 acres on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where we raise beef and draft-cross horses. I also have chickens, dogs, cats, & a couple of flourishing home-based businesses.

My fave movies are Lonesome Dove & McLintock.

I am an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe.

I grew up on a ranch in the heart of cowboy country in Montana. Proud to be 5th generation.

I never got into my groove until I hit my 30’s. It’s gotten even better in my 40’s (I’m 47). Look out world when I turn 50!

I’m a jeans, tee, & cap wearing gal.

I own more ball caps than any other item in my wardrobe.

I’m a lover of turquoise and anything silver jewelry, but it has to be the real deal. No fake stuff for me at this stage of the game.

I love competing in ranch rodeos.

I was riding before I was walking.

I became a published writer when I was 11 years old.

I believe aging is like a fine wine...we get better with age.

I detest liars or tellers of half-truths. Your word is your bond.

I think some people get offended too easily these days.

I cherish true friendships & honest conversation.

A life without eating beef is not the life for me!

I’m a hardcore patriot. I love the USA!

I love history. I think there is much to be learned from knowing where we come from.

I’m a lover of the it sunrises, sunsets, inspiration, or positivity.

I believe in shining bright in everything I do.

I love real country music...emphasis on “real” meaning classic.

I have been capturing images since I was 12 years old. Got my first real camera when I was 16 (a gift from my dad).

I cuss...quite a bit to be honest.

I like real...real butter, real friends, & real life.

I find so much worth in being a mom, wife, & lady rancher. Everything I do has purpose.

My ultimate goal is to inspire others to live life at a higher level.

“What you do today determines all of your tomorrows.”




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