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24 Hours Unplugged!

I had no service for 24 hours...and it was glorious!

When was the last time that you unplugged? And I mean REALLY unplugged?!

In this fast-paced world we live in I think it’s more important than ever to shut out the noise, turn off the electronics and slow down. Reconnect with those closest to you. Make time for togetherness. Do new things and go to new places. Focus on the beauty around us in nature. Allow your mind to simply just be. And breathe.

It’s amazing what just 24 hours of that will do for your heart and soul. It’s a real rejuvenation!

My family and I went off the grid for a day and a half and went camping and fishing in a new spot. It was an amazing way to welcome in fall and to relish these last days of warm weather. The fishing wasn’t great until we hiked 4 miles and found a new spot. Holy cow! The fishing was amazing and we made quite the haul.

It’s easy to give advice to others, but when you follow your own words great things can happen.

This is an adventure none of us will ever forget. I hope you experience something similar soon! What are you planning to do that fits what I’ve described?




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