Personal Power?!

July 28, 2019

How do you feel about your level of personal power?

I learned a lot this weekend at the Leadership Retreat I attended...especially from Brian Tracy!
The 10 C’s Principles to Personal Power were eye-opening! Do you know what they are?

Here goes:
1. Clarity
2. Competence
3. Concentration
4. Common Sense
5. Creativity 
6. Consideration
7. Consistency 
8. Commitment
9. Courage
10. Confidence
Do you focus on these things? Of course there is more in depth info on all ten than just this list. Brian has written 86 books that hold so much knowledge.
I’m challenging myself to read 60-90 minutes EVERY day...starting with his book “No excuses - The Power of Self-Discipline”. I’ll be honest...I’ve had this book for years. I even started it, but lacked the self-discipline to keep reading. 

That changed today! Brian talked about doing things consistently and why it’s important. Do you read? What do you enjoy most about taking the time to do that? 

As I said earlier, I learned a lot this weekend here in Denver. However, my biggest takeaway is that I will never know it all. Life is a journey and we should all devote ourselves to lifelong learning. I’m game! Are you?



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