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Our 1st Half-Draft Foal Is Here!!

The Lazy Six Nine Ranch (Shane, Stone, and I) would like to announce the arrival of our first born, half-draft filly! Please meet Kady (which means “first” in Celtic).

We are SO excited we can hardly contain ourselves. Kady is the first of many in our herd. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything so cute in my life! Her sire is our registered Percheron stud Mack. I call him "Mack the Magnificent". If you've ever seen me posting pictures of him you will know why! Here is is in all of his glorious splendor:

Her dam is one of our AQHA mares whom we call "Sheriff". Her registered name is "Sheriff Hop Hancock". 🤠 Here is part of our mare has grown quite a bit since this picture last summer!

So, why did we decide to start a half-draft breeding program? Well, because we think they are the best horses on the planet! We fell in love with them back in 2006 (the year we were married). We have owned quite a few along the way and came to realize that they are our kind of horses. They've got great bone, good minds, and once broke they stay broke. None of us want to get hurt on purpose. We've had horses around that we sent down the road because we couldn't be sure we wouldn't have an issue somewhere along the way. None of our half-drafts have been this way. The list of reasons why we feel half-draft horses are superior is long so I won't go into it in more detail today. Long story short...instead of looking for more, we decided to breed our own. It's been a long-term dream that is finally coming into fruition. One thing about us...when we decide to do something we go ALL IN. We couldn't be more excited!!

One other thing to mention. We call our breeding program half-draft...because our foals truly are "half-draft". Half Percheron and Half AQHA. Draft-cross can mean many things. I just wanted to clear that up as I'm sure some of you are wondering.

More pics to come in the days to follow as our herd grows! Stay tuned and watch my social media outlets for more cute baby pics as they arrive.



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