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The Cover Column - Volume #1 - Cheyenne Glade Wilson

Today is the launch of my first volume of The Cover Column which will come to you every other week as a video, audio, podcast or article!

I'm excited, but also nervous to send this out to everyone for two reasons:

1. This is my first official Vlog. Video Blog. I've done a lot of videos in the past (especially on my Facebook fan page and personal profile page), but I had yet to do one for my blog.

2. Ack....I had to talk about myself! Yikes!! I'm sure a lot of writers would identify with me saying it's so much easier to write about others. When the focus turns to me in this aspect it's different. Don't ask me why, but it is!

Success in life depends upon each of us facing our fears and overcoming them. So, that's what I've done. I completed my video and uploaded it. I am now able to unveil it for you right here.

I wanted to give you a background on who I am. Sometimes that's not always clear in things, but I wanted to share a few tidbits with you. I hope you enjoy watching it and perhaps you will learn something you didn't know about me!

I will be back next Friday with more #TNCtribe updates for you and in two weeks look for The Cover Column - Volume #2. I'm super excited to share this gal's story with the world.

Until then, happy trails!!


Cheyenne Wilson, The Native Cowgirl



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