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Day 9 Confession #Last90Days

Day 9 Confession: I DID NOT WANT TO GET OUT OF BED AT 5 AM THIS MORNING! In fact, I subconsciously hit the off button like I have SO many times before and kept sleeping. I knew it was cold and rainy/snowy outside and that made me want to hunker under the covers, but I also knew I needed to get up...a promise is a promise. I’ve recently been reading The 5 Second Rule so I thought 54321 liftoff! I made myself get out of bed (the clock said 5:30). I put on my workout gear that I had laid out last night (this is important to do) and got going. I did a little over 2 miles. I’m still not quite 100% physically, but I’m not allowing a can’t to stand in my way. I’ve gone 9 days in a row without breaking a promise to myself and it feels DAMN good! 💪🏼😘❗️🙌🏼



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