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Yesterday was National Puppy Day! I experienced my first visit to the Humane Society in search of a female house cat for our family. We are having a mouse problem again. Our last cat was a male and he longed to be outside so he became a barn cat. Shane suggested we get another cat as soon as possible. I wanted her to be fixed and ready to go so this seemed like the best option. I also liked the idea that we were in essence "saving" a cat as well.

I got in there and was not prepared for what I saw or what I heard. Mind you the place is clean and the animals appear to be well-cared for. I'm just used to all of that noise (imagine barking and meowing in a building that echoes) and the sight of animals caged up (remember - we have lots of acres out here and our dogs don't have a fenced in area). I was on a serious search for a cat. I looked at them first, but somehow missed a room. Naturally, I was curious so I decided to take a look at the dog pens. Oh my, there were puppies in there!!! I saw one that I literally held back tears seeing. I continued on and managed to find the last cat room. There I found the girl I wanted to adopt.

As I filled out the forms and visited with the staff I inquired about the puppy. She wasn't quite ready to go home yet (tomorrow was her day, I believe). They don't hold them and I couldn't come back tomorrow so I asked if I could take her today. Long story short the answer was yes. So, I ended up adopting a tortoiseshell cat and a blue heeler mix! I honestly didn't intend to do that, but I absolutely couldn't resist.

Tuesday is my hubby's birthday and he made mention that he would need another good cow dog before long. Well, I took the initiative to bring him one home without his knowledge. This could have gone one of two ways. Luckily he took one look at her and smiled ever so slightly. I think he knew that Stone and I had already fallen in love with her so he couldn't resist!

Once we got home and got them situated this was the scene at our house. Have you ever seen anything so cute in your life? I think they were counting their blessings together! By the way, we named our kitty "Ginger" and our new pup "Ash". :)

Here is the birthday boy and our son......I'd say they are loving her already!

I love happy endings......we are started on a good one here I believe! Happy Saturday, Friends! ~Cheyenne



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