A Vest to LOVE.....& Giveaway!

Hey All! So, back in the last quarter of 2016 I did 10 giveaways. That was fun and I look forward to doing it again in 2017. I love reviewing products! Much to my shock and excitement I was contacted by Noble Outfitters to do a review on a few of their products. Along with these reviews comes some giveaways sponsored by Noble Outfitters as well......Hooray!

I got to choose the items I was to review even.....so fun! I am a vest fanatic! I'm very particular about certain things in my life: boots, caps, and outerwear. When I fall in love with a particular item I rave and tell everyone about it. Much to my enjoyment I get to do that today! So, here goes......

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about my findings on the specific Noble Outfitters products I have chosen to review. I will first off saying that I had zero experience with Noble Outfitter's products before this opportunity. I had seen a few of their items over the years, but in all honesty I thought their products were more for English riders and not working cowgirls/ranchers. When I was contacted I checked out their website and I liked what I saw. I was excited to gain some first hand knowledge of their items. I love trying new things! When I was told I could pick a few items the first thing I settled on was a vest. What can I say.....I'm a sucker for vests. However, with that said I have yet to find one that was perfect on the ranch as well as in town. I have officially found THE vest I have been looking for! I give you Noble Outfitter's Girl Tough Canvas Vest!