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A Vest to LOVE.....& Giveaway!

Hey All! So, back in the last quarter of 2016 I did 10 giveaways. That was fun and I look forward to doing it again in 2017. I love reviewing products! Much to my shock and excitement I was contacted by Noble Outfitters to do a review on a few of their products. Along with these reviews comes some giveaways sponsored by Noble Outfitters as well......Hooray!

I got to choose the items I was to review fun! I am a vest fanatic! I'm very particular about certain things in my life: boots, caps, and outerwear. When I fall in love with a particular item I rave and tell everyone about it. Much to my enjoyment I get to do that today! So, here goes......

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about my findings on the specific Noble Outfitters products I have chosen to review. I will first off saying that I had zero experience with Noble Outfitter's products before this opportunity. I had seen a few of their items over the years, but in all honesty I thought their products were more for English riders and not working cowgirls/ranchers. When I was contacted I checked out their website and I liked what I saw. I was excited to gain some first hand knowledge of their items. I love trying new things! When I was told I could pick a few items the first thing I settled on was a vest. What can I say.....I'm a sucker for vests. However, with that said I have yet to find one that was perfect on the ranch as well as in town. I have officially found THE vest I have been looking for! I give you Noble Outfitter's Girl Tough Canvas Vest!

Not only is it cute on it is extremely warm and comfortable! And....who doesn't love that name? We truly are girl tough.....if you are a woman in agriculture you know what I mean. :) I have worn this vest numerous times since I have received it in different circumstances. I wore it to town and loved how the collar didn't bug me. I love the soft faux fur lining.

I also loved how it wasn't boxy and it flattered my figure. I love how it wasn't too short yet not too long either. This is important when you are 5'3". Everything seems to be too long, but not this vest. It's just right! The rest of the time I have worn it on the ranch. We are feeding cattle this time of year. We are in and out of the pickup setting the cake feeder, opening gates, or chopping ice so the cows can get water. Not once did I need to adjust this vest. It instantly just seemed to be a part of me. I wore different things under this vest: a zip up sweatshirt, a long-sleeve tee when I went to town and a hoodie while out working. I liked all combinations. I think my favorite was the zip up sweatshirt. I felt warm, but not overly so. I didn't feel too bundled up either. Another thing that I love is how comfortable this vest is. Even in the saddle it doesn't hook over the horn as it stays close to your body. I didn't put in a long ride as this winter has really been hard getting much riding done. We don't have an indoor barn. Riding our horses in our arena that is covered in a foot or so of hard-crusted snow isn't much fun. I can imagine as soon as our riding gets back into full swing this vest and I will be inseparable. Seriously, it's that great! Here are some of the stats on this vest from the Noble Outfitter's website:

I can attest that this vest in indeed water repellant. Don't let the word "canvas" scare you off either. It is soft all over including the faux fur lining inside the neck. It does have slimming details....I love that! The pockets are also really comfortable to put your hands in as you can see from the picture of me wearing it below.

If you want to check this vest out and perhaps even order it for yourself of for someone else, click here. I will definitely be telling everyone I know about this vest and ordering a few gifts in the near future. I've owned a lot of vests in my lifetime. In fact, I thought about gathering all my vests and putting them in a pile to show you how much "experience" I have, but I decided against that as I might get turned into "Vests Anonymous". :)

Don't forget to also hop over to my fan page on Facebook for your chance to win one of these awesome vests for yourself compliments of Noble Outfitters! Click here to go directly to that post. This giveaway runs from Monday, January 23rd - Sunday, February 5th. Best of luck! ~Cheyenne



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