September 12, 2016

Here is a little background on what I am up to.......I have decided to do something special in preparation for Christmas. I know.....don't freak out, but Christmas is only 104 days away (yes, that's right)! I am always looking for just the right gift. I absolutely love giving custom, one-of-a-kind, USA hand-crafted items. Once I find something awesome, I love to share my new discovery with my friends. So, what better place to do that then right here!


I give you.......The Native Cowgirl's 10 Best Custom USA-Made Christmas Presents List!!! I would personally love to receive any of these under the tree. I bet you would also....or you know somebody who would too!


Here goes with my list: 


1.     September 2nd - 11th - Sharp’s Saddlery Custom Canteens & Giveaway - Winner:  Roxanne Young from Georgia!


2.     September 12th - 18th - Rough & Rowdy Designs Custom Bling Cap Giveaway!


3.     Announced on my September 19th Blog & Giveaway!


4.     Announced on my September 26th Blog & Giveaway!


5.     Announced on my October 3rd Blog & Giveaway!


6.     Announced on my October 10th Blog & Giveaway!


7.     Announced on my October 17th Blog & Giveaway!


8.     Announced on my October 24th Blog & Giveaway!


9.     Announced on my October 31st Blog & Giveaway!


10.  Announced on my November 7th Blog & Giveaway!




For those of you who have known me for some time you know about Cowgirl Swank. For those of you who don't, here is a little background. I started my own custom Swarovski crystal design business in the early spring of 2007. I worked alone for a few years creating custom, unique, sparkly caps, visors, and other items, but demand started to get high so I add more folks to work alongside me. For 7 years we created unique crystal items by hand and shipped them to every state in the nation as well as many foreign countries. In September 2014, I sold the creative side of my business to Kayla Lien. Kayla had worked for me for 3 years. She became a master of creative crystal designs and absolutely loves what she does. It was fitting that she should continue on with her talent. She immediately created Rough & Rowdy Designs and took off from there. Kayla creates a multitude of creative crystal designed items. Some of the items she offers are:  caps, visors, headbands, coozies, fleece ear bands, kids items, apparel, etc. She truly can do just about anything! Here are a few of her headwear items:





Aren't these great? So unique, shiny, and truly a must have item that you can't buy at a store near you! Contact Kayla to order your custom crystal item today at 308-430-4770. She will create something wonderful for you.....I can guarantee it will be a cherished gift! 


Click here for Rough & Rowdy's Facebook page.


A random winner will be chosen when the giveaway ends 9 pm MST on Sunday, September 18th. Good luck!!


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