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Cherry Turnovers for Valentine's Day

Who else loves Valentine's Day? I'm funny this way.....I love any reason to show those I care about how much I love them....whether it be through food or a small token of my affection/appreciation. Since I love to cook.....these two things sometimes become the same. :) This leads me to Cherry Turnovers (Cheyenne's Version). Super easy to make (depending on the method you follow) and yummy! Plus, the filling is red, which is totally Valentine's works for me! Here's how you can make them:

Cherry Turnovers (Cheyenne’s Version)

  • Pie Crust (homemade recipe or Pillsbury Refrigerate Pie Crust)

  • 20 oz. can of Cherry Pie Filling

  • Egg Wash (egg white whisked with a teaspoon or two of water)

  • Sugar

  • Frosting: Powdered Sugar, Milk, Almond Flavoring

On a cookie sheet or pizza pan, put down some parchment paper. Roll out one pie crust (normal size). Using a pizza cutter, cut the pie crust into 4 equal slices (like a pizza).

Add several tablespoons of the cherry pie filling to the center of each of the 4 pieces.

Then, fold them over and press the seams. I dip my finger in water to help create a better seal. Don't worry if a little of the filling squeezes out.

Repeat these steps for the other pie crust. You will end up with 8 turnovers total. After they are all sealed, take a basting brush and coat with the egg wash. Sprinkle sugar on the turnovers.

Bake at 350 degrees for around 15 minutes. Every oven varies so I would definitely watch these.....nothing worse than burned pastry! When finished, this is what they should look like:

Place all 8 turnovers on a wire rack to cool. I leave them on the parchment paper as it helps to catch the frosting (less mess). You can now mix up your frosting. I use 2 cups of powdered sugar (give or take) and a few tablespoons of milk (give or take)

I mix this up until it reaches the desired consistency I am looking for (thicker is better as it will run like crazy if it is too thin). I then add a tsp or too of almond flavoring (you can use vanilla also, but I love the taste of almond with cherry).

This was my first attempt and it was too I added more powdered sugar until it was just right. Once you get it where you want it, drizzle it over the cooled turnovers. Let them sit a bit to allow the frosting to set.

Talk about a major hit with my family! My little boy is quite the picky eater, but he absolutely loved these! Think Pillsbury Turnovers times 1,000!! It really doesn't matter how homemade you want to get.....making your own pie crust....making your own cherry filling.....these taste just as great with ready to use ingredients (and no one will be the wiser....unless you tell them, of course)! Give these a try......these are worth it! :) ~Cheyenne



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