A couple of weeks ago I was asked by INSP to do some writing for them again. You may remember the story I did on The Cowboys of The Cowboy Way. If not, click here and you can read it.

I really like INSP’s programs. They are wholesome, value-based, and...

This will be my last installment of the three reviews I’ve conducted for RopeSmart roping products. I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these dummies. If you haven’t had a chance to read my other two reviews click below:

The Smart One – Read the Full...

This is the second review I am doing in a series of three concerning RopeSmart products. Last week I wrote about The Smart One. I love that roping dummy! This week things get a bit more fun with The Short Go. I say “fun” because it’s smaller, it has...

Happy 4th of July everyone - it's product review time (and it's red, white & blue)!

When my husband and I started looking for a roping dummy we put a lot of time and effort into getting the right one. We have owned several and for one reason or anothe...

I really enjoy reviewing products. Perhaps you have seen some of the reviews I have written on my blog. I am very honest in my reviews and I get to add more fun because the companies that I work with always generously offer up the item to one lucky r...

I truly don’t consider myself much of a fashionista. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look good. I just happen to live in the middle of nowhere and am usually out working… I need something smart and sensible above the current trend...

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