Never forget who you are!
Have you? Have you forgotten who you are?

It happens! Sometimes in this busy world with all of our obligations and responsibilities we lose ourselves. We forget who we are and we lose our way.
The thing is you don’t...

Find your tribe...and love them hard! Who is in your inner circle? Who accepts you for who you are, but challenges you to improve daily? Do you have a girl gang? Do you surround yourself with motivated, goal-driven, happy people? I do and I'm so much...

Gus McCrae said, “It ain’t dying I’m talking about, it’s living. I doubt it matters where you die, but it matters where you live.”
I’ll go one step further and say that it matters that you LIVE! 
Don’t get stuck in a rut.
Don’t get caught up in...

Do you ever feel like sometimes you're living in the shadows?

We all have sunny days and days when the clouds seem to gather upon us. How do you deal with those shadows and overcome them?⠀

For me personally, I've had to learn how to create my own su...

My Own Sword

By Cheyenne Glade Wilson

May 2018

            Jim Rohn said, “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” Have you heard this before? Sit down for a minute and really think about it. Does it resonate with you also? I...

I used to say the word “can’t” a lot and while I was doing so I didn’t understand the effect it was having on me. The magnitude of such a small word is absolutely astounding. Just by uttering “can’t” I was telling myself that I couldn’t do something...

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