As long as you’ve got passion, faith and are willing to work hard, you can do anything you want in this life. 
I’m blessed to call this hard-working, handsome cowboy my husband and my best friend! 

At the end of the day what really matters is that your loved ones are well, you’ve done your best and that you’re thankful for all you have. 

What is it about a horse that brings tranquility to those who need it the most? And how about that scenery?
Do you slow down enough to enjoy the pure beauty of everything around you?
Today...Saturday...please slow down...close your eyes, take a...

Do you ever feel like sometimes you're living in the shadows?

We all have sunny days and days when the clouds seem to gather upon us. How do you deal with those shadows and overcome them?⠀

For me personally, I've had to learn how to create my own su...

Yesterday...we sold the heaviest calves we’ve ever raised! 😮🤠 We are filled with so much gratitude and pride. Our life may not make sense to some, but it's the only life we envision living. We love everything about it! Tomorrow we preg check our co...

I grew up around horses. I don’t come close to knowing everything there is to know about them, but I have always felt adequately informed…. until about two weeks ago. For some time I’ve been thinking about getting an equine dentist out here to check...

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