What a surprise and thrill I received last night when I got our huge stash of mail that had been accumulating for 10 days while I was in Arizona at Art of the Cowgirl.

A while back Kinco approached me about being their cover model/feature story for...

There’s cold...and then there’s an icicle hanging off your ear cold!
It always amazes me what cattle endure to survive. Don’t get me wrong, we help them out. We do our part by feeding them and ensuring they can get to the standing forage to graze...

“The one principle that surrounds everything else is that of stewardship; that we are the managers of everything that God has given us.”
~ Larry Burkett
Time to give our half-draft colts their breakfast. I love doing chores...great time to think,...

These photo bomb girls are looking fantastic!
We look forward to feeding as it allows us time together and a good opportunity to see how our herd is doing.
Each day gets us further into winter and closer to calving. We know how important i...

Today is the launch of my first volume of The Cover Column which will come to you every other week as a video, audio, podcast or article! 

I'm excited, but also nervous to send this out to everyone for two reasons:

1. This is my first official Vlog. Vi...

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