Finding something good to watch on TV these days is getting harder and harder in my opinion. By good, I mean something that the entire family can watch without concern of inappropriate words or situations. Our family enjoys watching westerns. I swear...

The sixth season of The Cowboy Way began last Wednesday. Did you catch it? If not, keep your eyes open. The Cowboy Way airs on Wednesday nights at 6 pm MST on the following INSP TV channels:

Dish Network:  Channel 259

DirecTV:  Channel 364


Tonight (Sunday, October 20th) is the finale of the 6 night epic event for the Ultimate Cowboy Challenge on INSP TV. We find out who wins the title of Ultimate Cowboy and walls away with $50,000 in cattle. I'll be tuning in...will you be watching too...

Whew! Catching up's been a whirlwind of activity here on the ranch the past few weeks. For all in ranching you know what I'm talking about, but if you are new to ranch life I'll fill you in. Fall is the time of year that we work our cows a...

I've got the fever.....Turquoise Fever, that is! 

When I was a little girl my Great Aunt Ruth gave me a curious little soft carrier. It was light pink in color and felt like velvet. I remember unzipping it with excitement to see what was inside. Imagi...

In my opinion, there is nothing more American than John Wayne. Have you heard his "America, Why I Love Her"? This is played a lot at rodeos that I've competed in or attended. It never gets old. Have a listen:

Today is America's birthday. I love Indepe...

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