We do our part every single day out here to help feed America! Here are a few more pictures of us working our cattle over Labor Day weekend. We don't have vacation days out here on the ranch...and we are okay with that! The trade off for our way of l...

I love this little guy so much! In case you didn’t know...he’s my favorite of all of our half-draft foals. I’m looking for name ideas and I need your help! What do you think I should name him?!

(FYI: He is black now, but will turn grey like his sire,...

Anyone else into family history? I am...and I’ve had a blast looking at tons of pictures at my Aunt’s house! This is one of my favorites of Great, Great Grandpa Andy McMillan in 1906. I’m super excited to create memory books for all of us!

It’s #FunFriday - when was the last time you let go and had a bucking good time?
I do it often...and a lot of the time it’s in the spur of the moment. I love being impulsive and fun-loving! I tossed out what others think a long time ago and i...

Yesterday was a tough day for us on the ranch. We suffered a loss. We aren’t new to things like this, but it doesn’t make it any less painful. We love our critters.
Last night as I walked out in the pasture watching our mare herd, I was reminded o...

Nothing makes me happier than seeing so much joy when my son is with horses. Mack truly is a gentle giant with such a kindness in him that can be felt by all of those who are around him! You can’t deny 6 year old Mack’s disposition when you see a ten...

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