These photo bomb girls are looking fantastic!
We look forward to feeding as it allows us time together and a good opportunity to see how our herd is doing.
Each day gets us further into winter and closer to calving. We know how important i...

We got our once-per-year paycheck yesterday....we shipped our calves. Today, we preg-checked to see how many of our cows will be mamas next spring. I’m happy and thankful to report that we had a pretty super breed-back. Hooray!!
Our calves were...

Today and every day I’m thankful for the life I live.
Being involved in agriculture as a cattle rancher isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. We aren’t always able to gauge our blessings monetarily, but let me assure you…we are beyond rich out here!

"Well, he's tall in the saddle and short on the cash

The last to quit, the first to buy the beer

Well, he's knight in leather armor still living' by the code

That's make him what he's been a hundred years

But he's still out there riding' fences

Still make...

Just under a month ago I received an interesting email from my website's contact option. I was being asked from INSP Television Network if I would be interested in a potential collaboration with the cast of 'The Cowboy Way:  Alabama'. My eyes almost...

The Gambler

By Cheyenne Glade Wilson

The National Finals Rodeo just finished for the year. My family and I haven’t gone in quite a few years. It always seems like this time of year is hard to get away from the ranch with feeding and cold temperatures....

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